1991 saw one of the worst recessions in history and forming FUTURE Designs seemed madness then and at times still does!

Commercial trust was at an all-time low and obtaining credit or borrowing from banks was all but impossible but this in fact helped us.

FUTURE Designs was formed on what could be scraped together and from that day to this we have never borrowed a penny or used an overdraft; additionally FUTURE Designs has made a profit every year it has traded and has never made a redundancy.

The business was formed 25 years ago and went through all the new company issues in construction.  ”Who are you?”, ”How long have you been trading?”, ”Where’s your projects portfolio?”, ”Let me see your factory?”.  Our first factory was a small space (300sq ft) loaned to us by Brian Cardy and Eddie St John, the directors of Thermofelt in Streatham and not an old shed in my back garden, although some people still peddle this story 25 years later.

As with all start up businesses we went through growth then hitting brick walls and each time we found a way to hurdle them and press forward, it was difficult to create a brand to compete with our then and still, multinational competitors.  But we worked on the theory of do exactly what you say you will and when given an opportunity strive to deliver the very best quality, on time, in budget.

During the middle years we became renowned for punching above our weight, so to speak and this frustrated me immensely because I knew we were more than capable of delivering better service, quality response and aftercare than our competition.  But as with everything in the construction industry, this took time to be recognised

Today FUTURE Designs sits in the top five privately owned lighting manufacturers within the fit-out market place.  We deliver and service our products throughout Europe and the Middle East, where we opened our offices in 2012.  So from being perceived as punching above our weight, we are now the weight!

We are an international organisation of choice to you, our client base and we shall continue to repay your faith and backing with exemplary front end response, world class products and an aftercare that is second to none.

FUTURE Designs is correctly placed to move forward within our industry.  It is stable, highly respected and sits on sound foundations.  In fact FUTURE Designs has all the attributes required to go from strength to strength in line with its previous achievements.

David Clements

managing director

FUTURE Designs

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