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18 May 2017


Completing office design, lighting is a critical element of any workplace.  The greatest seismic shift in this sector for 60 years has taken place recently with LED surpassing fluorescent lamps as the medium of choice, according to David Clements, managing director of FUTURE Designs.

”We are seeing major corporates making the switch to LED in new installations to get the benefit of better quality lighting with savings in terms of energy reduction, which can be as great as 70%,” he says, claiming this can be achieved in three years with a product life of more than double compared to fluorescent.

He says ”When we consider all the benefits of LED as outlined above it seems hard to understand why forward-thinking organisations are not falling over one another to make the switch.”

He adds that wellbeing has become the latest trend in creating the best possible workspace.

He explains: ”LED lighting has proved invaluable in this through offering human-centric lighting, which takes into account the body’s circadian rhythm.  This is achieved by utilising ‘tuneable white’ lighting, which allows the general to later colour temperature and intensity throughout the day to mimic natural daylight.”

Through its partnership with Dubai-based Acoulite, the company has successfully completed projects in the region including Deutsche Bank, Oracle, SAP, Adidas, Ford, LinkedIn, Schlumberger, Shell, HSBC and Honeywell Technology.

Read this article in UAE Commercial Interior Design magazine.

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