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Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley joins FUTURE Designs

1 May 2018

FUTURE Designs appoints Dr Neil Stanley as consultant in the field of sleep research and particularly the effects of artificial lighting on this.

The health and wellbeing of employees has never been higher on the agenda of commercial organisations. Responsible employers who are taking steps to support mental and physical wellbeing of their workforce are reaping the rewards in creating positive and happy environments where both the individual and the organisation thrive.

Dr Neil Stanley is a renowned consultant who has been involved in sleep research for 36 years. In the early 1990s he moved to the Human Psychopharmacology Research unit part of the University of Surrey where as Director of Sleep Research he created and ran a 24 hour bed sleep laboratory for clinical trials.

“FUTURE Designs is studying the crucial link between sleep and light and the emerging trend for Human Centric Lighting. We are experts on the subject of light but have identified a gap in our knowledge in relation to sleep and this is where Neil will assist us as we continue to progress our thinking in the area.” Said David Clements Managing Director

“It is a pleasure to become a part of the FUTURE Designs team. The use of light has exciting possibilities for positively affecting mood, productivity and health during the day but it is important to assess any effects in relation to sleep as well as to recognise the important contribution that sleep makes to our overall well-being.” Said Dr Neil Stanley