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FUTURE Designs Lighting up Clerkenwell

23 October 2018

FUTURE Designs in its inimitable style, has launched the first ‘anti-showroom’ in Clerkenwell.

CLERKENWELL Lighthouse on Dallington Street will champion light and showcase the very latest innovations in commercial lighting. Through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) visitors will experience an immersive lighting environment without there being one single light fitting on display, as well as exposure to the latest technology in tuneable WHITE light technology. It is intended that this thoughtfully created space will bring together the very latest thinking and technology from the lighting world and beyond, becoming a hub for forums, events and demonstrations.

The technology hub comprises two floors: a ground floor which can be viewed from Dallington Street and Pardon Street, and the larger below-ground working area. The floors represent contrast with a bright and open ground floor and a darker more hidden basement, as there is no light without dark. They explore a public area and a more private area, a space to educate and a space to work, a place of experience and a place of discovery.

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