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FUTURE Designs gains GANE

8 October 2019

FUTURE Designs is launching GANE, a modular lighting system that offers the ultimate choice in flexibility, with numerous unique configuration possibilities. GANE’s ingenious modular connectivity integrates seamlessly into the modern workspace.

GANE uses the latest LED based light sources and manufacturing techniques in its design, assuring the most energy efficient light will meet Part L and ECA standards, whilst targeting WELL rated offices and buildings to create healthier conditions for occupants and minimising the environmental footprint.

GANE is an intelligent luminaire that can be incorporated into SMART building solutions, the internet of Things (IoT) and lighting ecosystems, contributing to the intuitive spaces required for agile working and capturing data insights on efficiency for building owners and occupiers.

Organisations are increasingly aware of how lighting can affect the wellbeing and performance of its employees and it is favourable to have lighting that can be adjusted to the needs of individuals as well as the availability of natural daylight. In order to do this, GANE utilises high lumen output tuneable white LED to assist with the well standard.

GANE’s highly efficient lighting reaches up to 130 lumens per watt, with plug and play, flicker-free remote LED drivers.

If you would like to attend the launch on either the 30th or 31st October from 4-9pm at our CLERKENWELL Lighthouse please RSVP to with your preferred date.