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FUTURE Designs celebrates win at the international Iconic Awards

18 September 2020

FUTURE Designs, one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of lighting and bespoke luminaires, are pleased to announce its win for the IKON luminaires at the Iconic Awards 2020. The Iconic Awards is an internationally recognised awards ceremony with over 800 entries across 45 countries, priding themselves on recognising only the best of architecture, innovative interior and product design.


This award for Innovative Architecture in the product category recognises experts in the field and their projects with focus on their ability to be sustainable, forward thinking and contemporary in both design and concept.

IKON luminaires were developed to illuminate the cross passage walkways within the new Crossrail infrastructure, where unique design allows the light to reflect across the curved ceiling, illuminating the space effectively while incorporating their evacuation and emergency lighting.


Although emitting large amounts of heat due to its ability to produce 58,000 lumens /850 watts, FUTURE Designs while demonstrating innovation and expert knowledge, were able to ensure the dissipation of the extraordinary high levels of heat from the LED via the purpose designed and built heatsink to ensure a safe and well-regulated temperature throughout the luminaire.

Speaking on the win, Founder and Chief Executive David Clements said:

‘’We are honoured to win this award which is testament to British design and manufacturing ability. IKON and the associated emergency lighting is one of the most exciting luminaire systems FUTURE Designs has developed to date. The three-year journey to take the initial concept to completion was a massive test of our R&D division which they succeeded as expected with great aplomb. This fixture will prove to be timeless as all iconic designs are and our thanks go to the Crossrail team for having faith in us to deliver and GIA Equation for the original design’