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2 March 2021

What does FUZONE500 do?

FUTURE Designs’ proven air and surface purifying system, combines ultraviolet light and ozone technology to efficiently and safely sanitise areas, whilst significantly improving air quality.

FUZONE500 uses the natural properties of ozone (O3) to eliminate up to 99% of unwanted bacteria and airborne viruses without direct contact with the treated areas.

Can FUZONE500 be seen?

The ultraviolet lamp incorporated within the system is totally obscured from the human eye, allowing the system to operate whilst the premises are occupied with no detrimental effect to personnel or furnishings.

FUZONE500 has been developed to produce an ozone level no greater than 0.04ppm enabling the system to be operated continuously whilst the premises are occupied. The system will not operate above this level which is 25% lower than the base line threshold value issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which states that guideline threshold values for O3 for health protection are between 0.05-0.06ppm.


The FUTURE Designs ultraviolet light and ozone technology keeps air and surfaces continuously disinfected by re-circulating “compromised” air and directly exposing it to ultraviolet light inside the unit, destroying unwanted viral, bacteria, pollen, fungi, mould and other airborne particulates.