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STEALTHv3 the answer to datacentre lighting

10 November 2023

Stealthv3, the latest development in FUTURE Designs’ STEALTH series, is designed to meet rising energy demands and costs in datacentres. The design utilises advanced LED technology to illuminate only the vertical and horizontal cabinet surfaces, reducing energy usage over unnecessary surface areas.  

Early forms of STEALTH were designed to project light onto cabinet surfaces using wing-like shades to control the direction of light, first as a fluorescent then as an LED with a curved diffuser, additionally with each innovation within the STEALTH series have become more energy efficient.  

FUTURE Designs has developed an advanced lens technology called 

Prismalume. This double asymmetric optic lens enhances the illumination on the vertical cabinet surfaces and light aisles of data centres, therefore reducing energy usage by up to 25%. The quality of illumination is also outstanding; Stealthv3 provides a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, a level which is essential for cable identification. 

STEALTHv3 is suitable for cold aisles and hot aisles with a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. This maintenancefriendly luminaire comes in suspended, surfacemounted, trackmounted, or trunkingmounted options. The system also accommodates integral, emergency and PIRs.  

Oliver Clements, Commercial Director at FUTURE Designs said,As datacentres have progressed, so has the best means to illuminate them. Stealthv3 is programmed to work with the topography of a datacentre, with only vertical and horizontal planes illuminated, avoiding unnecessary blanket lighting and energy wastage. We are so proud of the most technologically advanced version to date of the Stealth series.’