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1991 saw the birth of FUTURE Designs. From its infancy, the mantra was, to deliver world-class lighting solutions, employ the very best individuals, use only the very highest quality components from the world leading providers and invest and utilise the very best machinery and software.

30 years on our determination to be the best at what we do carries the same belief.

The journey has seen us adapt as our world has become a better, more caring and diverse planet to live in and one where the people we help shed light upon are now seen as the most important medium and not merely occupiers of the space.

Our determination and enthusiasm to succeed have seen us become experts in our profession where, we have a voracious appetite to constantly push the boundaries of what we do.

Delivering across our globe on time and in budget is merely compliance. That’s what is expected of a world-class organisation.

What makes FUTURE Designs the very best in class is the ingrained demand upon ourselves to always provide best advice, best innovation and best solutions.

We design, develop, engineer, and produce our products to fulfil one desire: MAKING LIGHT WORK.