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FUTURE Designs proven purifying system, combines ultraviolet light and ozone technology to efficiently and safely sanitise areas, whilst significantly improving air quality.

FUZONE500 is a chemical-free air and surface purification system which significantly reduces bacteria positioned on visible and obscured surfaces. The system combines ultraviolet light and ozone technology to sanitise areas efficiently and safely whilst also significantly improving air quality.

The FUZONE500 is a clean and simple structure that can blend seamlessly within the desired location thanks to its ability to be integrated into existing lighting systems.

Many of FUTURE Designs’ luminaires can have FUZONE500 fitted allowing lighting schemes to achieve a uniform look and feel.

This includes traditional modular lighting schemes, where FUTURE Designs have developed their EXEMPLAR fitting to have the FUZONE500 built within the fitting achieving a clean look to the luminaires but offering all the features and benefits of OZONE (03) cleaning.

FUZONE500 uses sealed UV-C to create photolytic oxidation. Photolytic oxidation is a combination of photolysis and ozonolysis. Both processes are needed to obtain the wanted effect. The UV-C lamp operates at two different wavelengths.<

With business beginning to have staff back in their offices, the FUZONE500 provides confidence in the safety of the building staff and other occupants entering the building to know that there is santisation happening throughout the day without any hindrance to their day-to-day activities.

Press Release – FUZONE500
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