FUTURE Designs educational presentation on ‘Human Centric Lighting with LED’ has been accepted by CIBSE as official CPD course material.

FUTURE Designs is a specialist in LED lighting design and manufacture and has pioneered the greatest seismic shift in the lighting sector for 60 years as LED has begun to surpass fluorescent lamps as the lighting medium of choice.

The wide adoption of LED has many advantages and as a consequence the significance of lighting design and product has never been higher on the agenda. The most obvious advantage of LED is the reduction of energy consumption which is between 25% and 70% depending upon the application. In terms of ‘payback’ of the capital expenditure it is in the region of 3 years when combining energy and carbon reduction with a product life of more than double compared to fluorescent.

Another key issue is the reduction of maintenance due to increased life expectancy which can be up to 80,000 hours and as a ‘solid state’ light source LED provides instant 100% illuminance without a warm up period. Aesthetically LED offers more flexibility in design following for better creative solutions.

For further information or to book our CPD presentation please contact: light@futuredesigns.co.uk








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    FUZONE500 Air & Surface Purifier

    Research is proving that ozone with UVc is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together.

    FUZONE500 eliminates 99.99% of bacteria both airborne and surface related.

    FUTURE Designs development team has created a range of technologies that integrates ozone technology into its existing commercial office luminaires to actively reduce the bacterial and viral charge of the air within closed spaces.