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Beaming British Red Cross

British Red Cross - Photo by: Will+Partners

This project was completed in 2020, the 150th anniversary year of the British Red Cross. Our work for this client also involves a new ways of working portfolio piece, focused on the health and wellbeing of staff and volunteers.

Using a standard FUTURE Designs product, an extruded luminaire called VANE, we were able to tailor this product to the building to create continuous lighting. VANE loops around the core giving direction and a dynamic feel around the space, the C-shaped form carves a path around the building directing people around the workspace.


The C-shaped layouts, the largest of which is approximately 38.2 m x 13.5m x 38.2m, use VANE as a continuous system, with no cold or hot spotting from the LED and corners which are seam welded to create high quality joints. The profiles are finished in black to make an architectural statement in the space. Meeting spaces and booths use downlights and pendants to create a more relaxed feel in the space, conducive to both collaborative and individual working.

The first floor design is laid out around the community aspect, promoting wellbeing and socialising. The feel of the space is more flexible, using the HALO luminaire and pendants to add interest and make a feature of the areas. In keeping with a cohesive design, BEEM downlights are around the core, tying in with the other floors.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are also at the heart of the design. Utilising high efficacy luminaires, VANE, HALO, HUB, PEN, KAR and BEEM downlights to achieve a low power draw space. All luminaires use high efficiency LED sources with long life to reduce power consumption and maintenance, further savings are utilised by including dimming within the design.

Photos by: Will+Partners