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Celebrated Crossrail Project

FUTURE Designs created a bespoke lighting solution IKON for Europe’s largest infrastructure project, Crossrail from the concept design by Gia Equation. This ultra-powerful LED will lead to a reduction in whole-life cost for the project.

IKON sits on the wayfinding totems which incorporate FUTURE Designs’ emergency and evacuation lighting. IKON is an uplight designed to illuminate the area via reflection from the curved ceiling. The luminaire produces 58,000 lumens /850 watts which generates an enormous amount of heat. 

The critical area of design was calculating the dimensions of the heatsink, which ensures heat is dissipated from the LED system thus ensuring the longevity of the source. Directly around the core are a series of pendant downlights which zone the circulation space adding some visual interest to the area.  

This project has gone on to be recognised and win at the 2020 Iconic Awards. The Iconic Awards is an internationally recognised ceremony with over 800 entries across 45 countries, priding themselves on recognising only the best of architecture, innovative interior and product design.