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FUTURE Designs were approached by furniture specialist SBFI to re-think their over-desk lighting system offering. After a few different mock ups, they hit upon the sleek extruded aluminium profile of the VANE luminaire.

well lit operator desk at SBFI

The linear profile luminaire with drop-style diffuser creates slices of light which dart across spaces and enhance any environment, adding a visually engaging appearance. High-grade extruded aluminium housings allow for tailor-made lengths with seamless joins. VANE is available in suspended or semi recessed versions. The fittings for this client were 60mm wide and 60mm deep.

The profile works well aesthetically with the bracketry of the desk while providing excellent light levels and uniformity for the working surface. Each desk also has the added benefit of its own Bluetooth controller for the light, allowing for complete colour change from 2700 Kelvin through to 6500 Kelvin, as well as smooth dimming from 100% – 0%.